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About Us

About Kovafood

We are a multifaceted African food company dedicated to bringing the best quality foods and delicacies to your table.

We care about you, our customers, and for this reason we strive to ensure that as we provide you with whole foods, that we also deliver a great experience and excellent service to you.

At Kovafood, we are motivated by the outstanding achievements of our kinsmen in the diaspora. Getting your foods to your doorsteps is our way of saluting you for your tenacity in achieving your goals and being great ambassadors of the motherland.

We hope to bring you strength with each delivery; be it a sumptuous meal or your selection of groceries, just as our name Kova depicts STRENGTH. We hope to bring light and hope to every doorstep as we feed our tribe.

The History of Kovafood
Staying True to Our Roots

“We are always reminded of who we are and where we have been by the foods we eat”.
-Dr. Kelechim Diorgu.
Co-owner, Kovafood INC

In fulfilling our Purpose, we always live by our Kovafood Values:

  • 1


    We insist on truthfulness with each other, with our customers

  • 2


    We act in accordance with our values, even when it's difficult.

  • 3


    We treat all with dignity and value the opinions and perspectives of others.

  • 4


    We seek and embrace differences in the backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities of all associates, customers and vendors.

  • 5


    We protect our customers and each other from injury with a safe and secure workplace and shopping environment.

  • 6


    We encourage and expect collaboration, teamwork and the active involvement of all associates.